We Radically Love

Jesus commands us to love others, that is, prefer others over ourselves. Loving [preferring] others requires giving people our time. Sometimes preferring others includes confronting and correcting.

We Courageously Connect

Courage is derived from a latin word for heart, so with our whole hearts, we engage in emotionally meaningful conversations with God and others. We embrace vulnerability, transparency, and own our stories. We recognize connection is arguably the most basic human need as it is not good for man to be alone.

We Enthusiastically Create

Enthusiasm comes from the Greek “en theos” often interpreted as "the Spirit of God within.” So we stop saying “we’re not creative.” Instead we take inspiration from and emulate the Creator of all things who indwells us to add value to the world around us. We bring life to innovative ideas.

We Sacrificially Give

God is the source of all things and He is the giver of all good and perfect gifts. Everything is His! So we give without worry of want, knowing He will provide and trusting the measure we use, will be the measure given back to us.