Tuesday Program

If you want to get connected here at CityChurch and/or learn more about the Bible, join us Tuesday nights at 7pm in the Video Cafe.

Tuesday nights are a community driven program designed to help you live out your purpose, ignite your passion, and experience peace.

Childcare for 6 weeks to 5th grade is available. Prices are $5 per child or $12 for 3 or more children in same household.  


The PTO process offers a way to deal with our past unhealed wounds and unmet needs. It provides us the tools to make wise choices in our daily lives, and guides us into determining our passion and purpose for living.

Commitment involves meeting once a week on Tuesday night in a small group setting for 6 months. It also includes a weekend retreat.

Click here to register and/or to get more information. Choose Item of Interest: PEEL THE ONION (PTO)


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