Six Weeks - Five Years Pre-K

KidCity Preschool

Our KidCity Preschool program provides children 6 weeks to Pre-K the opportunity to learn about God’s love for them.  Not only does the Kid City Preschool nurture and lovingly care for the children’s needs while their parents attend church, but also introduces them to God’s Truths through “Play-n-Worship” ( for ages 6 weeks to 23 months and “First Look” (reThink Group) for ages 2 years to Pre-K.


  • “Play-n-Worship - Babies” - This music –focused, baby-centered resource helps infants discover and learn about God and their great big world.  Stimulating visual, tactile and auditory experiences engage babies and connect them with God’s truth.
  • “Play-n-Worship – Toddlers” - Teach toddlers in ways they learn best…by doing! They'll discover important Bible truths by mixing everyday objects with stories and songs. Toddlers will quickly learn how to connect with God - and trust him - in their everyday lives.
  • “First Look” – This curriculum uses engaging activities to introduce preschool children to God.  It gives children a “first” impression of their heavenly father and the wonder of His love for each of them.
KidCity Preschool is always looking for paid weekend childcare providers. If interested please fill out THIS employment application and submit.  

Kindergarten - Fifth Grade

KidCity Children

KidCity is an exciting time of worship, learning and fun!

Fun and creative emphasis focusing on our 3 Basic Truths, Virtue, and Scripture Memory Verse. 
Large Group: 
Interactive and energetic Biblical teaching focusing on God’s truth and purposeful design for our lives, encompassing imaginative Drama using real-life situations. 


Teaching children how to openly express and receive God’s love through music and motions.

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